Tips for Painting Your Home

You can change the dull looks of your house into inspiring looks very fast just by painting it. You can not only improve the looks f your house by painting it regularly but also increase its market value. However, house painting should be done properly and accurately even if it is an expensive and time-consuming task. And for this reason, most people hire professional painters to paint their home.

So, if you are planning to paint your home this festival season then you should do certain things before you hire a house painting professional. The tips for painting your home provided in this write-up will help in getting the best results.

Things to do before starting to paint your home

A wise selection of colors: According to the experts, your personality can be reflected through the colors you choose for painting your home. However, it can be difficult to choose the right colors for your home as they are available in a wide range in the market. If you live in metro cities then you should choose colors that can make your smaller house look more spacious and attractive. It can be possible only by selecting bright colors to paint it. You can create a fantasy of larger space by choosing colors like white, lemon yellow, light blue, ivory, pink or peach, etc as they reflect light effectively.

Do not compromise on quality: While buying paints you should not think of saving money and buy cheap quality paints. While buying paints, caulking compound, primer and painting equipment you should always choose the best quality to ensure their long life. When you buy paints with long time warranty then you will never regret the final finish on your walls.

Cover furniture and floor before painting: Your next step after purchasing all the materials required for painting the home is to cover the floor as well as other items including furniture lying in the room to protect them from spills and drops of paint. Though you can clean them afterward but you may not be able to protect the things that are not friendly to paints. So, you should use drop cloths, plastic sheets or old newspapers the cover the floors as well as other items like tables, sofa, beds, shrubs, walkways, patios, and decks, etc, before starting to paint your home. It will also save lots of your time required to clean them afterward.

Preparation of the surfaces to be painted: Now before starting to paint your home you should, first of all, prepare the walls and other surfaces to be painted by clean all types of grime, dust, chalky residues and mildews etc. you can do it either by scrubbing them manually with a brush with stiff bristles or by using a power sprayer, depending upon your budget and the level of your busyness. After cleaning the walls you should take out all the nails from them and use good quality putty to fill the holes. Now your home is ready to be painted on its old paint.

Use appropriate tools and equipment: It is as important to choose the right painting tools as the selection of the right color of the paint. But you should also keep in mind that if you buy a costly tool that does not ensure that it will be right for your project. Actually, your brush should not leave marks of the stroke after the task is completed. So you should spend some more time and money while selecting the right tools for painting your home.

Paint from up to down: While painting your home you should start from its ceiling and go down to its floor. It will help in avoiding patches of laps created by painting form a wet surface to the other. However, if the lap patches still exist then you should start painting on dried surfaces or previously painted surfaces.

Paint patiently: Before starting the second coat of paint you should allow the first coat to dry properly. Though it can be an annoying process still it is necessary to give a smooth final finish pt your walls. You should follow the instructions provided on the package of the color in this regard.

Thus, by considering the things discussed briefly in this write-up you can easily change the looks of your home just by painting it.