The Wet Bar

If you are a connoisseur of fine drinks, then you probably have a cabinet of beautiful decanters, crystal goblets, and bar tools. The top of your fridge or your counter is likely covered in bottles, from bitters to gin, and you’re running out of the room. It’s time to consider installing a bar in your home.

This project can be a great starting point for redoing the den or the basement and turning them into a lounge setting or a man-cave. A real bar, cool beer taps and all is the anchor that pulls a room like that together. Finishing the walls and floors, getting a pool table, fixing up an old arcade cabinet, hanging up those old liquor ads and setting up a nice big flat screen TV will turn that room into someplace you want to invite your friends too.

Of course, you can buy premade mini bars, but they never have the impact that a full bar has. I know a few friends that repurposed old china cabinets into bars but where are you supposed to put the beer tap handles? If you want a real pub style to feel you need to have the full, English style taps with stylized handles. I have a kegerator conversion kit with cobra style beer taps. They do the job, but there is nothing impressive about them other than the fact that beer comes out. That’s enough to impress me but not my guests.

The bar should be hardwood and match the bar stools and other furniture. If you want to go full force, then I suggest installing a bar that has a sink included. It will be a bit more work and care to tie it into your water system, but it will be well worth it. Especially if you plan to do mixed drinks for your friends instead of just drawing off the beer taps. Mixed drinks make a lot of dishes and a bit of a mess if you are doing them right. Even if you aren’t making complicated drinks you still need to clean glasses. Carrying that much glass from the den to the kitchen is tiresome and not a very good idea if you’ve been making friends with the beer taps all day.

You’ll need a small fridge as well. Many bars will come with a fridge like the one you might find in a college dorm. I’m talking about a larger model. Of course, you are going to need a carefully controlled fridge for the kegs that are feeding the beer taps, but you should also have another to store perishable ingredients in. Chilled glasses are a nice touch as well.

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