Solving your Home Design Issues with Design Software

Recently, I was considering renovating my beach house and completely changing the existing layout, and let me tell you, the prospect was intimidating. Looking at samples of flooring, cabinets, paint colors…

I started to get overwhelmed – and I hadn’t even started the project yet! While looking for inspiration online and wondering if my project was going to make it off the ground, I found a recommendation for design software.

Design software was an entirely foreign concept to me. But after investigating, it became apparent it could be beneficial. I had witnessed a friend recently living through a renovation without using design software. It started with a wish list of must-haves which seemed to get quickly smaller as the project progressed. Though my friend was ultimately happy with the result, there was a certain degree of settling and compromise in the end.

Well, we are committed now… seemed to be her reaction to every bump in the road once the project had started.

Looking at design software, I realized I could try designing all aspects of my home renovation and see if it worked before I committed to anything. By testing each element in the overall house design, I was able to figure out if it worked and, ultimately, if I was going to be happy. Having the ability to see my project come to life also proved more useful than I had expected. I was able to load in specific materials I was considering and show my spouse different color options, to make sure we were on the same page. It was worth the price alone to ensure we agreed on the color scheme, which we would have inevitably ended up fighting about. I was even able to load our artwork and photos into my simulated home, which made it seem like we were looking at the real thing.

I believe we ultimately ended up saving money and time by using this software. We decided to use the Home and Landscaping Design Pro package from Punch Software, but there are other options. We wanted to own the software for future projects, and we liked the features. These included green build options, which my eco-minded spouse appreciated, and I was able to get a good idea of cost with the built-in cost estimation tool. offers another option which looked equally good and is based on a subscription service model, which is perfect if you are only planning on using it for a limited time.

It also has the benefit of always getting access to updates as they upgrade the package. If you are considering a project, based on my recent experience, I would recommend this design software as a starting point.

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